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Commune Dream's Journal

Saturday, July 26, 2003

12:49AM - Hey! We're still here!

Hi everyone, It's Your Friendly Community Maintainer.

Despite a promising start, it looked like this community had died on the vine, but I still think it's a good idea with a new direction. And, with the addition of members xeran and teofphiglet (welcome, y'all -- say hello, everyone!), the idea of a truly growing and useful community about communal living got revitalized for me.

So...a few things, which I really need the input of members on, in the spirit of communalism (no, not communism, unless there's a consensus on that:P):

  1. Open or closed community? Obviously, when this was started, it was of necessity a closed community. Since the direction has changed, this may no longer be necessary or even desirable (as I do want people to not feel intimidated about joining). But it does help maintain a certain sense of committed community, in my mind. What do y'all think? Open or closed?
  2. Given my wigginess of late, what with moving out to the country and all, I was thinking it might be helpful to have a co-maintainer. That way, someone who feels committed and is on at different -- maybe more frequent -- times than I am can respond. Any thoughts? Nominations? Volunteers?
  3. Anyone got ideas for interests to be added, groups to join, ways to promote the community, to make this more accessible and welcoming?
  4. Given the original purpose of this community and its new direction, should earlier posts pertaining to the original "Gee, we're a bunch of bozos in Atlanta who really want to live together, how do we do it?" intention be deleted? Some of y'all may not feel comfortable with all that out there.
  5. ...and a fun one: anyone wanna suggest a re-do of the layout, or maybe suggest an icon or three?

So...let me know your thoughts on any or all of these. Or y'all can just throw peanut shells at me, if it's a consensus decision.

Pardon any typos. My contacts have given up for the day, and since i'm on a slow dial-up from Eatonton, I'm just not willing to take the time to run a spellcheck:P

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Friday, June 13, 2003


I saw an ad this place is running in Creative Loafing, it sounds like it might be a really good place to go and check out how someone successfully runs a community. It looks like they really have alot of neat things going for them. I think I might take a camping trip there!


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Thursday, May 22, 2003

12:30PM - Hello!

I was looking for some atlanta-based communities and this one popped out at me. i have lived here about a year now and am looking to get to know people with similiar interests. one of my interests happens to be communal living. it's nothing i've researched alot yet...i know im going to need money for it so im workin gon that right now ;o). my ideal setting would i suppose fall into an "intentional community"....i would like several houses in a somewhat circular diagram, with a rec-room/community hall in the middle. i think this would be a nice functional design, as well as a small mandala. i have more to say, but for now, hello!

Monday, May 5, 2003


Pinched from metaphorge:

An Analysis of the Decline of the Kerista Commune

Thursday, March 27, 2003


Due to a lack of interest, and implosion, I do believe I'm going to either delete this community or give it a fresh start as an open-to-anyone-interested-in-communal-living community. I leave it up to others, though, as this should be a consensus decision.

Thoughts from anyone?

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Sunday, January 26, 2003

12:09AM - Schoolin'! And Stuff!

I know that school systems, and schooling in general, was brought up earlier. Homeschooling, particularly a cooperative homeschooling is one thing to be considered. I'm not sure what would be proposed there, as it's honestly something I hadn't seriously considered before now. Suggestions?

As far as public school rankings in the state go, we might find this link useful. Caveat: this is the '01 report. I tried changing the URL to 02, and it gave me a 404. It looks like they update in February. Also, these are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader.

I will say, judging from this and other things I've Googled, Cobb County schools consistently rank at the top of the heap. But can I get an amen on not wanting to live and raise my child in Cobb County? It appears that Morgan County, one of my preferences in places to live, ranks in the top third generally, but not high up there. Oh, well.

One thing that might ought to be considered -- keep in mind, I've not had the chance to go through all of the links elorie and lupaloo have provided, though I've looked through some of them; they're wonderful -- vidicon and I were discussing things like "Who owns it?" He suggested what I was thinking -- it might not be a bad idea to form it as a company, an LLC, and have the LLC buy the property. Uh, if we get that far; none of us is rolling in the dough. But it's a thought. Or we could just form a religious group:-)...

Oh, yeah. And can we grow peaches? I wanna grow peaches...

Sunday, January 19, 2003

9:52AM - Misc.

I've been working on this dream for a long time. When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I searched for a community within a days drive that would allow me to work and live within the community with the baby. There were none that didn't require a substantial financial investment. My dream born of that experience is to create a community that welcomes families, that is self-sustaining, and that provides an alternative to the crazy 9-5 world in which we are expected to exist. I've explored the idea of creating a non-profit agency and writing grant proposals to fund this dream. Haven't yet had the energy to begin the process, but the dream hasn't diminished.

Recently I found a link for this company: http://www.prihousing.org/

Company Profile
"Progressive Redevelopment Inc. (PRI) is an independent, nonprofit developer of affordable housing. Working in partnership with other public, private and nonprofit entities, PRI has developed 2,000 units in 19 properties throughout Georgia (17 in metro-Atlanta) serving over 5,000 households. PRI’s portfolio spans the housing continuum, including single room occupancy (SRO) housing, inner city apartment rehabilitation projects, resident-owned and leasing cooperatives, suburban mixed-income apartments, and entry-level, single family housing."

They take old, abandoned or run down buildings and redevelop them to provide low cost housing. I don't know whether they would be interested in the idea of communal living, but they could very likely be a resource for information on obtaining properties and gaining the funds for this kind of project.

Then there's the intentional communities website. A wealth of information on communal living in all it's different forms.


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Saturday, January 18, 2003

4:23PM - Tap...tap...this thing on?

Due to a crazed coffehouse conversation, and subsequent post-commenting, it has been decided that this community should be created.

And if you are a member, it's because...you expressed an interest in this crazy-mad idea. So, yer drafted.

I think posts here should generally be friends-onlied.

Here are my thoughts on the idea: small town, not too far from Atlanta. Large building, giving everyone space of their own. Another possibility is a small apartment-type building, which we take over. It would be best if we had some communal space as well as private space. One idea would be a desanctified church with an attached rectory. That might require a lot of refurbishing though, and none of us is rolling in dough, unless some of y'all are holding out. I think having private space is absolutely necessary for everyone's sanity, and a well-delineated kind of charter-thingy. I also see a possibility for perhaps running some kind of income-producing thingy.

Thoughts? I have many, but this is for starters. Throw me a bone, people...